What is your hot tables in the database

The other day, an analyst came to me and asked can you tell me currently what are the hot tables, and I remembered the v$segment_statistics, this has some interesting data.
Total Reads happening:
SELECT t.owner,t.table_name,lr.value as logical_reads, pr.value as physical_reads, lr.value+pr.value AS total_reads
FROM (SELECT owner,object_name,value FROM v$segment_statistics
WHERE statistic_name=’logical reads’) lr,
(SELECT owner,object_name,value FROM v$segment_statistics
WHERE statistic_name=’physical reads’) pr,
dba_tables t
WHERE lr.owner=pr.owner AND lr.object_name=pr.object_name
AND lr.owner=t.owner AND lr.object_name=t.table_name
AND lr.value+pr.value > 79991
ORDER BY 5 desc;
Total Writes:
select segment_name,object_type,total_physical_writes
from ( select owner||’.’||object_name as segment_name,object_type,
value as total_physical_writes
from v$segment_statistics
where statistic_name in (‘physical writes’)
order by total_physical_writes desc)
where rownum <=20;
A Jewel.