EM13c Exalytics TimesTen Plugin

In my previous post we discovered the exalytics machine In this post, we will install an EM13c Exalytics TimesTen Plugin for TimesTen on Linux 5 the version we need is

  1. Create a user on the exalytics machine to be used for TimesTen.

On Exalytics host in TimesTen :

Command> create user emservice identified by emmonitor;

User created.

Command> grant admin to emservice;


  1. Get the plugin and deploy.

In EM13C Console: Setup/Extensibility/Self Update

Drill into Plugins

Select TimesTen (Even though we want, Download

Once downloaded, select Setup/Extensibility/Plugins

Select TimesTen, click Deploy On /Management Servers


Select Next

Select Next

Select next

Select Deploy

*This will shut down the OMS Server and restart during the deployment.

Once restarted, Go back to the Plug-ins and check it has been successfully deployed to the management server.


Select the TimesTen row, click deploy On, Management Agent.


In the Deploy Agent screen, drop down the version and select Click Continue

Select the exalytics server. Click Continue

Select next



Setup/Extensibility/Self Update/Add Target Declaratively

Select Host/Target Type as per below.

Click Add

Test Connection

Click Ok


Click Target Declaratively again. Select Host and this time TimesTen Instance.

Test Connection, Then OK.


We are now monitoring TimesTen.