Oracle DBCS (Cloud) Scale Up Storage Steps

We have been alerted that our tablespace in DBCS, is reaching its limit.

Looking at our filesystem, we are using /u02 to store our datafiles and we have used 92%/

If you are running any cloud services that are using this database, you must stop them first

Before we attempt to extend this storage we need to stop all applications that maybe using this this database. Once this is done we log into our Oracle Cloud Service Portal and drill into the Oracle database cloud service we wish to add additional storage.
Once we are in the DBCS pane as per below, we select the burger bar and choose the scale up/down option.

On the next screen we have selected to extend the data storage volume by 100 GB. Then select ‘Yes’.

Once selected, we will see the notification of the ‘Scale Up – in progress’.

Once finished, if we log onto the machine and check the file system, we can see /u02 has been extended.

We can now log onto the database and add the additional data file.

Looking at the table space, we can see the space has been extended.

Restart any cloud services that were shut down for the scale up.
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