Oracle Cloud OPC user – ‘Server refused our key’


So we wake up one day and we cannot connect to our cloud machine using OPC, What do you do? We try to connect via telnet and we get ‘Server refused our key’

First thing, let’s check by drilling into the service and looking at the ssh access does the key still exist?

We can see the key exists :


What we did was Re-Add the key below the original key, you could do the same thing with a different key and have 2 keys for the OPC user, This you may have to do if Oracle Support ask you to give them OPC access for an SR. Thereafter once Oracle support have finished you just remove their key.
So as per previous screen you just repeat the same key and click ‘Add New Key’.

You should now be able to telnet to the box again, but the interesting find, is that if you look at the authorized key you see the following:

#from lockup

Still waiting for Oracle to tell me what happened and what is #from lockup? – So far nether support nor development have an answer?