Cannot mark instance UNNAMED_INSTANCE as enabled


I was recently recovering a backup of a standby database, the standby was from a primary that was a RAC with 2 nodes.  I had the following error:


SQL> alter database open resetlogs;

alter database open resetlogs


ERROR at line 1:

ORA-38856: cannot mark instance UNNAMED_INSTANCE_2 (redo thread 2) as enabled




Edit the .ora file add the following:




SQL> shutdown immediate;

ORA-01109: database not open

Database dismounted.

ORACLE instance shut down.


SQL> startup mount;


ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 6313463808 bytes

Fixed Size                  2264976 bytes

Variable Size            1677721712 bytes

Database Buffers         4613734400 bytes

Redo Buffers               19742720 bytes

Database mounted.


SQL> alter database open resetlogs;

Database altered.


shutdown and remove the line added above and restart instance


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